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Orbit GLSense: Complete Excel-Based Financial Reporting

With GLSense, finance users can create financial statements and reports in Excel that are fully integrated with your ERP data. Learn how in this fact sheet.

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Your finance team has years of experience working in Excel. With Orbit's GLSense for Financial Reporting, they can create financial reports and statements directly inside of Excel, instantly refreshable with data from your ERP.
GLSense Integrated Financial Reporting for Excel Users fact sheet
    • The convenience of Excel, without the risks from managing spreadsheets
    • An intuitive UI that makes report and statement creation easy
    • A 100% Excel experience, with access to user-defined fields and drill downs
    • Comes with hundreds of pre-built subledger reports
    • Available on cloud or on premises

    Learn more about how GLSense can give your finance team access to the ERP data they need when they need it. Download the fact sheet now.

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